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A good idea is hard to find…. Are you sure?

This morning I woke up at 7 to Skype with one of my clients who has, however, never appeared online. It is unusual for me to get up so early as I normally start to work from 10am. But as I wouldn’t return to bed anyway, I decided to continue our talk on how to find great ideas. Good morning!

3. So, wake up early and brainstorm. Your brain is still in Theta mode (just google „brainwave frequencies“), which is somewhat between being awake and falling asleep. During this time you become receptive to mind information beyond your typical conscious awareness. I guarantee you will be surprised by the results…

4. Let your mind wander sometimes… I would switch off my computer and go for a walk trying not to think of anything. Surprise yourself as often as you can: go to a random theatre play or bizarre exhibition, talk to people having a life style very different from yours, to people with another point of view on the same subject, try new types of food.

5. Do sports! They relax your mind and as you already know a peaceful, open mind is more imaginative. Last skiing weekend in Tyrol mountains has amazingly refreshed and prepared me for an upcoming working week.

6. Tell a friend what you’re planning to do. Of course, you have to trust him/her, as you don’t want your idea to be stolen. This person will be a part of your test audience. It’s good to hear yourself: now you’re certainly aware of how ridiculous or how amazing your idea is. By talking it through with a friend you will discover not only what you know but also what you didn’t know that you knew…

7. Steal ideas! No, don’t just copy them but enhance and make them your own. See the advice #2 where it is suggested to read widely. By mixing the ideas of others with your own experience, the scientific knowledge with the works of creative artists you’re definitely going to come up with some great ideas.

8. Criticize! Yes, you have to. Criticize your own ideas, the ideas of others and the most important be able to distinguish the good idea from the bad one.
I have to admit that the last advice is my favourite one.

Be original,
Jana Felber

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