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A good idea is hard to find…. Are you sure?

In the morning I thought: “it’s time to write my first blog post” and then suddenly: “but I have no IDEA what to write about” (strange… I always knew better than my customers what type of content they need).

And in the evening this post was born.

From dozens of ideas you will probably realize just one and it might happen not today, tomorrow or even next month. What if some years will pass until that excellent idea will be brought to life? You need to store your ideas somewhere. I go old-school and use a thick notebook to write my ideas down and I pull out my notes every time I want to be inspired.

Though, you’re right: it’s not enough. It must be difficult for some people to be inspired by their own ideas.

My best ideas appear when I’m not at home. But when I’m back I can spend hours on writing them down. My advice: regardless time and situation do not put your pen aside until you get all of your ideas on paper. You never know when you’ll be so productive again.

So where do I get my damn good ideas?

  1. If you work from home, go out of the house as soon as you feel useless working on your project. Don’t waste your time procrastinating! Go to the coffee shop round the corner and take the laptop with you. Choose a place at the huge table and pay attention to people’s conversations, fresh news, etc. Last time when I worked on one of my short stories I’ve got a chance to listen to a private lecture on communication. Why not to get the information and nice ideas free of charge? Besides, sometimes the silence of my place is too loud for me.
  2. Read. I hear you saying: „Do you think I have time for reading?“ If you want to be an innovative and creative superstar you’re going to find time for it. And here I mean not just reading news from your niche, though it might be very helpful too (scan the table of contents of any marketing book in the library and you will get minimum 10 blog article ideas for your agency). What I mean is: if you have a restaurant business, read not only Falstaff and similar food/wine magazines but, for instance, learn about photography, jazz or physics.

My favourite place would be a bookstore serving coffee, so I could combine the first and the second advices. Unfortunately, the best examples I found in Reykjavik and it’s too far away from Vienna.

That’s all for today. Start with these two recommendations and soon we will continue our talk about others.


Jana Felber

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