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Don’t Miss Latest Headline Trends (or Let Your Blog to be Ignored)

How Sexy are Your Headlines?

Yesterday I read an article on, something about tools, which can help you to reduce time you spend on marketing every day. I needed a headline for my new list of advices for promoting consulting services and I was eager to try Portent’s content idea generator, a special tool for creating awesome headlines, which was mentioned in Forbes article. I typed the keyword “consultant” into the search bar and got the following suggestion: “How to cheat on consultants and get away with it”. I tried some more times using different words. The tool is aware of a modern headline structure, however, it isn’t able to give you a perfect one. So I realized that this post about headlines is more urgent simply because I do not want you to waste your time like I did.

After reviewing online trends I discovered that my headings are quite old-fashioned. I took some time to learn more about recent movements in headline writing and summarized them for you in this post.
You won’t be able to use all these tips for creating one single headline, so focus on the result you want to get.

Take a break from digesting lots of text and use these infographics to create your irresistible, click-worthy headlines.

Infographics about latest trends in headline writing.

Today the headline is more important than the article itself. Lure your random visitor by a sexy headline and voilà – you have got a lead. (Anyway, we all know that we write all these useful and free advices not because we are so kind but simply because it’s part of our marketing strategy.)

headline template: just fill it out!

It’s your job to convince visitors to read your content and this you can easily do by creating your top-notch headlines.
Feel free to comment on this post with your own headline formulas and tips.

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