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How to present your project to investors and get funded

Your business plan is written and now it’s time to present it to potential investors. Wondering how to make your business plan presentation truly successful and increase your chances of receiving support?
I’ve prepared some tips and you should follow them if you aim to get funded.

To begin with…

  • Try to learn as much as possible about your audience, know your weaknesses and prepare for ways to address investors’ concerns.
  • Answer this question: how can I turn their money into more money? Don’t schedule your appointment with investors before you have found an answer.


  • Charts and graphs can tell about your project even better than you will. Try GanttPro for scheduling your project and share it with potential investors after the presentation. Keep them informed about the status of your project.
  • Prezi is a good way to make your presentation memorable but do not overwhelm it with animation and too many media elements. It shouldn’t be boring but it should look professional.
  • If in the end your choice is PowerPoint (I must say I’m bored of it), then at least try to use SlideShark to present and share your slides via chosen devices.
  • If you can’t present in real time, create video using animation software (e.g. GoAnimate).

Introduce yourself

  • Make people going to give you their money believe that you have enough experience to start this project. You will definitely need some knowledge of marketing to show investors that you understand the market and know how to gain customers. Convince them you’re going to manage funds wisely enough!
  • The first 2 minutes of your presentation are crucial. Your goal is to gain investor‘s interest. Stick to the point, be honest and show your enthusiasm.

Don’t talk too much!

  • If you want investors to focus on your main project message, don’t make your presentation very long (more than 20 minutes) and too formal.
  • Avoid highly detailed information and jargon. Therefore, you should keep your comprehensive financial and statistical data for the next level: private meetings with interested investors.
  • Don’t talk too much simply because you don’t want to sound like a telemarketer trying to sell investors something they don’t need.

What to talk about and what not…

  • Do not try to persuade the investors in a high profitability of your project in the future. Focus on what you have already done and explain investors how they can contribute to the project’s development.
  • Do you think investors are interested in your idea? No. They need to know how they can profit from helping to realize your project. Nowadays, investors would like to see a minimally viable product (MVP). In product development, MVP is the product with the highest return on investment versus risk.
  • Explain in detail how you intend to use the resources you’re asking for bearing in mind that investors will evaluate your specific action plan, not a general business idea. Ask only to cover the next phase of your action plan, not more. Anyway, nobody will finance all of your future plans right after the first presentation.
  • Talk about your own financial contribution. If you believe your project will bring high earnings why not to partially invest in it yourself?
  • If your project solves a particular problem existing on the market, draw investors’ attention to it. Describe the niche and the target market in detail.

After the presentation

  • Contact investors individually, thank them for their time.
  • You will present your business plan many times before you can obtain support from investors. Use it as a chance to enhance it: ask them for a feedback pointing out areas for improvement and accept criticism. And at the same time rehearse, rehearse and again rehearse developing your presentation style.

I help startuppers to market their projects and, of course, I have many more recommendations on how to successfully present your project. Need help working through your pitch? Feel free to message me.

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